Attending your school has helped my flying tremendously. You have cut years off the learning curve and made me understand how important helicopter set up is with respect to flying good.

Jeff Sweet
Agoura, CA
Todds' flying school is awesome. He not only will help you understand the proper techniques for smooth helicopter flying, but also the critical importance of how to properly set-up your machine. He will take your flying to a new level in a short period of time. He loves to teach, and is a patient personality. Anyone interested in saving money by avoiding ongoing crashes while advancing should invest in a few sessions with him.

Andrew Brooks
Calabasas, CA
I was very impressed with the my experience and recommend it to anyone who is looking to cut major time off the learning curve. Todd is an excellent teacher and his passion for teaching really pays off for the students. Plus you get to see some of the most intense 3D known to man. I give the school a 10 ++++

Darin Bell
Mission Viejo, CA
I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave given me while attending your school. As you know, I have only been flying heli's for about 5 months now and am now able to do loops, rolls, tumbles & inverted flight after only 4 of your lessons. I also learned the right way to setup a machine as well as important safety tips while tuning and flying my helicopter. I can't thank you enough!

Mike Deloach
Huntington Beach, CA
I am writing you this long overdue letter to thank you for the excellent tutorial I received last summer attending your radio controlled helicopter school. I believe the knowledge I gained in that short time has cut years off my learning curve in this hobby. You covered every aspect of the hobby in thorough detail and professionalism. I now have a much greater confidence in building, setting up, maintaining, and safely flying radio control helicopters. For the knowledge gained, I cant thank you enough.

Christian DeCorte
Mission Viejo, CA