Hi Todd, I cannot even begin to describe who self satisfied I am by taking your classes. I had been hovering for a long time and was scared to do anything. Within an hour of Todd's teaching I was doing 3D with a Hirobo Freya. Todd emphasies of building, setup, and what everybody should know that SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE, after you and Todd go over setup you will learn how to do every little detail right. I do not regret my choice at all I recomend it to anyone who wants to learn setup, safety, and flying the right way.

Thanks Again Todd

Steve Toth
Pasadena CA
Todd, What can I say, WOW! Your school has got to be one of the greatest things since the hobby it self. The time you spent and the patience you displayed was very refreshing. Anybody who has ever been to your school knows that you have the heart to be a great teacher and pilot. It is obvious that you love the hobby and you truly want to share your knowledge. The price of the school is nothing compared to what I would have spent without the knowledge you have given me. Your school is very educating. I have never had anybody teach me so much in such a short time. I learned more in two days about setup and safety of model helicopters then I ever learned in 1 year. I was at the point that I wasn't completely happy with my Freya Until you taught me how to properly set it up. Now in my opinion the Freya is the most Bang For Your Buck! . I have other helis, I want you to know I will be getting rid of them and purchase another Freya. The Freya flys great! I have given allot of thought to what you said, Pretty canopies and fancy helicopters are intimidating and hard to learn with, "Keep it simple and keep it light". From now on, I'll be spending my money on fuel. I would certainly recommend you and your school to anyone regardless of there current level of flying. I am already looking forward to the time I can attend your school again.

Steve Klemp
Prosper, Texas
I wanted to find a helicopter school this spring so I could safely learn some new maneuvers to work on this summer. I came across Todds web site and decided to take the trip to California and give it a shot. I am fortunate that my son works for a major airline and the trip was free for me. First of all, Todd is a great guy and a great instructor with lots of patience. I was barely into forward flight last summer and hadn't flown yet this year until we met, so he had his work cut out for him. Todd had me flying at speeds and altitudes that I had never been before. Then we worked hard at loops, rolls, autos, tumbles, stall turns and a couple of maneuvers I don't even know the names of. We kept doing them until I was doing them right. We also worked on me getting control of an out of control heli. By the end of 10 hours of instruction, I feel confident about doing all this stuff on my own. Actually, I WAS doing them on my own toward the end, just with his heli. We also spent the proper amount of time on the proper setup of a heli and the programming of my 9Z radio. And lets not forget safety, he stresses this alot. After a couple dozen practices, he actually let me do a complete auto from 200 feet up with his Freya. Is that trust or what? We done a ton of flying. Todd don't believe in just standing around talking about flying. We flew on his Freya, used his radios, and burned his fuel. Needless to say, I am giving a thumbs up to his school. I believe this has changed the hobby for me forever. I plan on working on what I learned all summer and going back next spring for some 3D stuff. As an added feature, the scenery out there is beautiful and I got to watch Todd do some pretty amazing and graceful 3D flying. So,if you are in a learning rut like I was or just want to speed things up a little, consider Todd's school. You will probably just spend the money on crashes learning by yourself anyhow. ūüôā

Chris Peffers
Newark, Ohio
Todd ! 1st off i want to say that Todd is a great person, a nice man and a pleasure to be around, his unselfish attitude and love for this hobby set's an example for us all, enough said. Todd's flying school is another whole story that could take up volumns, I learned more in 3 hours under his surpervision than I have been able to teach myself in 5 years of helicopter flying. His ability to guide and walk you through manouvers while you are flying is truley a gift and he uses it to it's full advantage to keep you focused, aware, excited and most of all "LEARNING" the right way to do things. As stated before he also covers set up and safety. Todd is a wealth of information on all aspects of this hobby and he truly enjoys sharing this information with people. To watch him fly up close and personal is a truley spectacular expierence, I think we used to call this an "E-ticket ride". Do yourself a favor if you are either flying heli's now ,or are thinking about getting into heli's get in touch with Todd, you will be glad you did.i will be going back for more.........


Ed Frohman
Sunland, Ca
Last weekend Rod Seto and I attended Todd Bennett's Flying School. We drove up from the Palm Springs area and the trip proved to be well worthwhile! Todd will teach you all the basic 3D maneuvers and the bail out sequence for each. He will give you the confidence you need to execute these maneuvers and get you accustomed to looking and reacting to the heli in every possible orientation. I could hover inverted on the simulator but was never confident enough to try it at the flying field. Todd not only had me hovering inverted but nose in inverted!!!!! He also taught me maneuvers I never thought I would be able to do! He has saved me at least a couple of years on the learning curve and probably several future crashes! I now have a list of maneuvers I need to practice every time I go to fly. This is the way we improve and grow with this hobby. I would strongly suggest that anybody interested in improving their heli flying take some of that crash money you have set aside and go to Todd Bennett's Flying School!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Braun
Rancho Mirage, Ca
Todd, I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed our time we spent training together. The fact that you train with the Freya was very exciting to me because I have been flying a Freya for about two months. I have been flying a Raptor for about a year. Flying the Freya has brought my flying to a new level. The stability and control of the Freya has been such a confidence builder. She has allowed me to attempt new and exciting maneuvers. I spent 5 hours flying with Todd and his Freya's. First I flew my Raptor for him and he Decided on a plan for today's training. we started with the basic's. Straight line flying. It is amazing how bad a maneuver ends up when you don't enter it properly. These subtle little changes we made, made a great deal of difference. Most important it painted a different picture for me on what the proper look of my helicopter should have. We than went on to knife edge flying. I never knew that a helicopter could hang in the air so long, (when it is done right). Throw in a pirouette or two and wow, now that is hang time. One of the most exciting flights was when Todd would put his heli into a strange attitude and I would recover. Now, If you haven't seen Todd fly you might not be able grasp the magnitude of intensity of this. It is hard enough to follow him when he is flying let alone try to recover from where he tells you to. This was the most exciting flights I have had the pleasure to part of. All this and we were bearly into the 2nd hour. Believe it or not it gets better from here. We did things such as backwards flying with rolls and pirouettes, flipping and tumbling combinations, forward and backward inverted flying. We worked on fundamentals. Not over loading the heli with to much pitch control. SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY. Todd teaches safety throughout the entire training session starting with take off to lock in hover, to lock in hover prior to landing. This is a great practice for beginners as we are still working on heli set up and maintenance. All in all, This has been a great learning experience for me. I recommend to anyone who wants to take their flying to the next level that Todd is the man to have as your instructor, at whatever level you are flying at. I look forward to my next lesson with Todd.

Alan W. Phillips
Cape Fair, Missouri
TODD I just wanted to let you know that when we (Bob and I) attended your school last weekend, that it was some of the best value for the dollar I have spent and will ever spend in this hobby of R/C Helicopters. We will, because of your teaching approach, accelerate our learning curve, spend less dollars on senseless beautification and most importantly avoid numerous crashes. The information we received will make this hobby more enjoyable and less expensive. I like the fact you stressed safety and said to always fly a machine that is set-up correctly but not so "BEAUTIFUL" that it becomes too intimidating. Don't spend money on senseless beautification, instead spend it on fuel and burn it. I would like to recommend your school to anyone serious about improving their flying skills and, as for myself, would like to attend again.


Rod Seto
La Quinta, California
Well what can I say? This was an awsome experiance. Todd really tought me a lot about flying, setup, safety and general knowledge of RC heli's. He really takes the art of teaching RC heli flying to another level. He is really serious about teaching and really gets into it making sure you get your moneys worth and more. He covers all aspects of the hobby. You can tell he has a lot of compashion for the sport and teaching. I can hardley wait to get together with him again. If only I lived in Southern Calif

Keith Lapointe
Stanwood, Wash
I want to thank todd for teaching me to fly my R/C helicopter. I am in my 50's and was struggling for a year learning to hover. It was very discouraging. Todd put me on a buddy cord and in three or four lessons later I am flying in forward flite. He's great at talking you though it while flying, and makes you fly the helicopter. I can't say enough about his skill, and his teaching ability. I am looking forward to the next lesson. The best part is no crashes.

Fred Haedt
Simi Valley, CA
I am new to radio control model flying. Eager to fly helicopters, I jumped right in without the benefit of any prior r/c flying experience . . . none what so ever. Therefore, I feel extremely lucky to have Todd assisting me with flying and with proper set-up of my helicopter. More importantly though, his primary focus with me, has been on safety matters first. He has been very patient with me, completely explains actions and expectations, in addition to offering lots of much needed encouragement. Todd is truly a skilled instructor.

Richard Masso
Moorpark, CA