I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your school. It has helped me to get to the next level in my flying abilities. The help on setup and flying is priceless! I would recommend it to anybody that wants a boost in confidence or take that next step to improve flying skills.

Chris Bloom
Freestyle 3D is simply a great Radio Control Helicopter training school.  When I learned to fly, there was no need for training gear, little hops, hard landings, etc.  The heli went in the air, I was given the sticks, and I was hovering within minutes. Within a couple of lessons, I soloed and was off practicing by myself.  Not only did Todd Bennett teach me the skills I needed but he also gave me the confidence to do it. I've continually heard Todd say "Let me take you out of that" and every time I do, I know he has just saved me time and money because I would likely have crashed. I've also cried "Help me" a few times and each time, Todd took control and recovered the heli, set me back up, highlighted the problem, and worked with me so that it won't happen again. I'm looking forward to the advanced training that is ahead of me. I know it will be fun, enlightening, and done right.  The hidden benefit of training with Todd is that he is a great guy, fun to be around, knows his stuff, and he is really intuitive when it comes to knowing what a student needs. As others have mentioned, he is passionate about flying helis and teaching others how to fly them. I highly recommend Freestyle 3D. Thanks Todd!

Dan Hempy
Several years ago I visited Todd Bennett and spent two days taking classes from him.  It was one of the best R/C experiences I've had.  Todd spent several hours the first morning meticulously going over my helicopter, from mechanics to set-up.  He carefully showed me how it all works, and corrected and fine tuned it.

Next was two days of flying buddy-boxed with Todd.  There is no way to learn faster - one can push your limits and greatly shorten the learning curve, and Todd is always there to take over and save you from crashing.  I asked Todd if he ever was not able to save it, and he said no, with the exception of letting someone autorotate and there was a screw-up immediately before touchdown.

On top of this great learning experience, Todd and his wife are wonderful people and a pleasure to meet and hang with.

A few years after my lessons, Todd came out to our local field for classes.  Again he went over everyone's heli. He found a bolt that had half backed out from my seesaw, and rightfully told me he saved a crash that probably paid for the class.

I encourage anyone who wants to learn to fly better to take the opportunity to fly with Todd, truly one of the best 3D pilots and a great teacher.

Eric H. Norby. MD
I took the Freestyle 3D school and was blown away by their personal attention to me and my flying. Todd and Matt taught me the skills to be a better-quality pilot.  Their knowledge of model helicopter setups greatly improved my proficiency.   Their gift for teaching is amazing, and it will propel you to the next level.  Not only do they do an excellent job while you are in the class, but they also provide you with the skills to continue to teach yourself. Thank you Todd and Matt for making me a better pilot while giving me the skills to learn new maneuvers.

Kevin Dalrymple
Windsor, CO
I have been out to Todds school 3 times and plan to keep coming back.   Todd knows how to put fun into a day at the field.  Todd loves to teach and share his knowledge. His relaxed straight forward teaching style will put any one at ease and he instills so much confidence in your own ability.    He will teach you to be comfortable flying  higher then you ever have before and the proper recover techniques for new manuevers that you want to try.   For each lesson I just let Todd know what I was working on and then he tailored my lessons around that.  The learning does not stop when you leave either.  Todd gave me manuevers to practice at  home  to help with areas I was having trouble with  and is always quick to respong to any question that I send thru email.   If you fly helis and want to get better plan to spend a few days at one of Todds schools.  Spending time out in california at Todds school has been the most positive experience in advancing my abilities. There is not a manuever i wont try now when out at the field.  I cant wait for the next lesson.  I reccommend this school to anyone in the hobby.

Darcy Cestnick
Fort Mcmurray, Alberta
For several years, I often talked with my buddies of attending a RC helicopter school as a group and for one reason or another it always ended with maybe next year. Late last year, I said enough of that, I’m doing it and does anyone really want to join me. My buddy Erik agreed to bite the bullet and I called Todd and arranged for us to attend at the start of the rainy season in So Cal.

We watched the weather closely as the date approached because it had been raining for over 2 weeks and I discussed it with Todd. It was improving, so we decided to drive to Moorpark. Todd’s website had some recommended hotels in the area. Erik and I used an internet bidding site and found a really nice place in Thousand Oaks for $55 a night with a real breakfast included and within 20 minutes of Todd’s school. Lots of hotels and great restaurants in the area. Todd is a monster when it is about helicopters and talks about them constantly. A mutual friend of Erik and I had taken the school years ago and said the same. Still has the passion. It wasn’t until after we were all done with training and heading home did he talk about anything else.

Now for the school. Erik and I were excited and met Todd bright and early the first day at the school. We were to use his Synergy N9s with YS.61s, but brought our models for the setup ground school. The class is held in his garage, which is a great venue. The sunshine, shade, cool breeze, good lighting, benches, and a general relaxed atmosphere was like hanging out with your buddies. Todd’s demeanor is very relaxed. He is a great pilot, but he isn’t pretentious. He really wants to transfer knowledge to you. Todd doesn’t make it about him, he wants you get the info he is teaching. We went over my Vibe and right away I got a lecture about the weird setup I had. Somehow I had copied another model and it was messed up. So I licked my wounds and just listened, because I was there to learn from someone I regard as a real authority and a mover and shaker in the industry. That consumed a lot of time, but the Vibe is now so smooth and does it all at a lower rpm (1750) than most use at my field. I get comments about how smooth it sounds and flys. Collective management. After that Todd looked over my N9 and Erick’s Trex 600 and both were good to go with some simplification modifications like fuel line plumbing. The first day was spent on setup. He covers any subject area you are interested in learning, but to break it up, when we took breaks Todd talked about areas of rc helicopters such as manufacturing. For me this was very interesting along with the other aspects of the rc heli industry. After Todd went over Erik’s Trex 600 and my Vibe 50 and N9, we left for the day and headed back to our hotel.

The next morning Todd had his N9s loaded along with his tools and fuel. We followed him to the flying site, which is about 15 minutes away thru Moorpark. The site is magnificent. It is situated on top of a plateau  with surrounding valleys and hills, away from homes, with a tall tree for shade and a picnic table. Right away Todd put two folding chairs out and has the second guy that flys, to fuel the heli, while he briefs the student on what the flight will entail. I didn’t want to be the first guy up, but before I knew it, I are sitting down and Todd puts the heli up high and had me flying maneuvers right away such as flips and tumbles and backwards rolls. The second flight more backwards rolls, nose down Tic-Tocs, and then Death Spirals. The third flight was Rolling Tail Slides and inverted autos. The fourth flight consisted of Traveling Flips and a review. I had a plate full of maneuvers to practice when I get home. Erick did the same maneuvers, plus Piro-Flips.

At this point school was out, but the fun was just beginning. I would have liked to have had 2 solid days of flying. So I plan on doing more classes with Todd. One advantage with Todd is if a traveling school is short of the 4 students needed, you can join one that is short if it works out for all. I still can’t get any others to do a school, except Erik because of the same excuses or reasons, so we plan on joining a San Jose group. I can tell I want to do at least 3 more classes. It’s an ongoing learning process. Todd takes each student at whatever level of flying he is at and works from there. You don’t have to be exactly at the same as the other students in your class.

I highly recommend Todd’s school. If you attend a school session, you will learn something new. That will open up your learning curve to broader horizons. The cost of the school is relatively inexpensive. Less than many micro-helis. If travel and hotel expenses are a concern, have him come out to teach your group or incorporate it with a vacation or business trip. It is close to Burbank and LAX if you are using an airline or Van Nuys if using General Aviation.

Rich Karrigan
I have been fly airplanes all my life and have taught many students to fly airplanes. I am 62. Todd and Matt have a teaching manner that is incredible, smooth understanding and will work you through your fears with a heli. I am a novice with the flying of a heli and after the class I could hover better and fly the the bird around with some confidence wial still on a buddy box,----- Heli's are expensive. The class will save you a lot of money from not crashing, by learning to control your Heli. I am taking  the class again to further my piloting skills at Brooks, Or September 2010. You will not regret doing this class.

Roy Mottner
I have been privileged to participate in Todd's traveling schools as well as spend a couple of days flying with him in sunny California. His teaching style and passion for the hobby are inspiring. The way that he teaches and his ability to walk you through all your flying fears and setup is truly a gift. I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to further there flying skills or learn proper setup. I will deffinetly be back for more.

Shawn Hovel
Marshalltown, IA
Testimonial to Todd Bennett's Heli School I spent 2 1/2 wonderful days with Todd in Southern California. I had never tried 3D before. Todd is truly amazing. On my first flight, he had me doing forward and backward flips and rolls. Perfect, they weren't. But by the third morning everything came together. I was doing continuous flips, forward and backward, effortless rolls, and most important, when I got in trouble, I could get myself out without Todd taking over. My confidence grew and now I have no hesitation to try all of this at home without a buddy cord. In addition, Todd taught me how to set up a heli for 3D, and tuned my own heli - a new X-Cell Fury Expert. It has never flown better. Once the radio locked out when Todd was taking off. The model went inverted on its own! I thought it was all over. Todd immediately hit the throttle-hold and saved the model, landing it smoothly four feet from the carpet! In my opinion, the school would have been worth twice what I paid. I'm coming back again soon. See you early in '02. Roger Hi Todd Thank you for taking time and rearrange your schedules to teach me to be a better pilot specially when I only give you a short notice. It funny how I feel like I know you along time the minute we meet maybe because your wife have the Southern Carolina hospitality,I truly enjoy learning form you, you are very humble. When I fly stick to stick with you only then I feel your strengths and passionate to the bird. Your method are effective and I think everyone need to have a favorite teacher who highlights your weaknesses while ignoring your strengths.Although yours comments may seem harsh, they are direct, honest, and realistic.They quickly bring me back to the real world of my abilities and inabilities. I learn a basic cool maneuver that cover all aspect of orientation and I will master this.You make my trip from way over the Eastcoast ,Chesapeake Virginia a worthwhile investment also improved my skill and knowledge. I will make you proud ,That's a promised.

Christopher Truong
I am working at a research lab at UCLA where we plan to mount video and computer equipment on RC helicopters. However, we had no experience at all with setting up or even flying RC helicopters. Todd has been an irreplacable asset to our program. He has not only provided us with his valuable expertise on the helicopters themselves, but in teaching us how to fly. Thanks to Todd, I have learned how to hover, and do forward flight in only few lessons. He is an amazing pilot, extremely patient, dedicated, methodical, and an excellent teacher, not to mention overall just a great guy. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who wants to get into flying RC helicopters. Without Todd, it surely would have taken us a lot more time and money to get our project off the ground.

Jeffrey Tseng
UCLA Image Processing Lab