Todd is the most amazing teacher I have EVER had in 40 years of life. I only wish I had a teacher in 16 years of school that would have taught with half the passion that Todd does. Todd should also be a life coach as well! After going to California for five wonderful days I now know how to progress with my flying and even look at life differently! Well done Mr Bennett!  You are the best teacher I have ever had in my life.


Mark Walker
I just want to give you an update on post class learning, and share with you somethings I am doing. I love flying in control, and getting the heli to do what I want it to do and where I want it to be. Honestly I don’t like being out of control and the anxiety it creates. There is increased risk for safety and crash cost. So for me it is the utmost importance is to be able to “Lock-in” the heli in “All Orientations and directions”, and be completely comfortable doing it. Piro-flips, Tic tocs, and other tricks are second to circuit work that is locked in and controlled.

Up right and inverted work, includes ovals, eights, circles and snakes. I have learned an invaluable tool in slow piro hovers. Just like my classical guitar teacher once taught me, plucking a string with your finger needs to be slow, strong, deliberate, and clear. There can be no buzzing in the strings. Speed will come with time after you can lock-it-in at a slow controlled level. So I have learned that using slow piros allows me to use the minimal pressure on the sticks to orient and move the heli. I then take that same pressure and move it into circuit work. My flying is dramatically changing. My control is slow and locked-in, and my circuits are in a very small controlled box. The feeling is fantastic…. I am not over controlling the heli, and when my circuits don’t look good, I go back to slow piros to pressure the slick. When I go play with other maneuvers there so much easier and in control.

Realizing that plucking the strings, i.e. controlled pressure on the sticks is so important, I also see that the mind set before I fly is also very important. No more rush to get in the air. So can I get a preflight check that I can share with the club?

I also have learned that breaking down the maneuvers into slow and controlled task is so important before doing the maneuver. You will never be able to lock-it-in if you can’t break it down. So what comes after circuit work? Suggestions.

Thank you both for a wonderful class and fun fly

First thing Todd and I did was sit down and talk about my flying where I was and where I wanted to go, the guys he flies with the guys I fly with. Todd said
something that hit home with me "Ground Hog Day" that's not where I want my flying to go, if I can't excel in this sport its over... I'll get rid of my heli's, if I
can't grow they go! We talked about all the new 3D maneuvers put notes together for me to study that will help me on my future flying, I have a lot of hard work and a long way
to go. We talked about his flying and many others and what it takes to get there, the sacrifice they have made in this sport made me
realize what it takes to be the great pilots they are. All of you are incredible pilots and I know with out a doubt I am not capable of flying like that but thats a good thing
I can be realistic about this too but more important my goals and how to be safer pilot.
Thanks Todd you're a great instructor I had a great time and looking forward to next year.

Tom Jacobs, Florida
Will make it quick and simple, if you don't take this class at some point your missing out on a GREAT fun learning experience.

Gary Olen Camden, NJ
I have taken this class many times and its so worth it and fun. This is a must if you want to learn fast and learn the correct way.

Todd is such a good teacher and makes the class so much fun.

Shawn Hovel Marshalltown, Iowa
This school is a blast and Todd is a gifted teacher.

Tony Anderson Reno, NV
Todd is an AMAZING teacher, he has a gift for teaching unlike any teacher i've ever had.

Mark Holloway, Germany
Well, it's been 3 weeks since your heli school here in Denver, CO. Work and weather had conspired against me getting in any flying since you were here until yesterday. I was afraid that the time between would wipe out the progress I made, but as soon as I got back in the air, your words of "Just do it!" rang in my head. Here are some of my thoughts on the class.

I had heard from one of my local flying buddies that he had arranged for Todd to come out and teach a heli clinic and stay for our first fun fly of the season the following days. With only one slot left in the class, I snatched it up and am glad I did!

This is only my 3rd year flying helis and had not flown RC since my airplane days as a kid. I immediately became addicted to the fun and challenge helis provide and got into the hobby hard core, including becoming a local rep for a heli company. Like many of the rest of us, my simulator skills far exceeded my actual flying skills and while I was progressing, I felt I should be further along in my flying.

From the moment we all met Todd, it was like running into an buddy. His easy going style just made everyone comfortable. Day one was going over set up, which was good as the weather was a typical stormy Colorado spring day. We had good weather the next day and got right to flying. Todd got us comfortable flying much higher than I was used to and showed just how much time we had to recover from a screwed up manuever. My comfidence grew with each sesssion and now I am comfortable trying pretty much anything and will slowly work my way down in altitude as perfect each new trick. I don't spend forever setting up for each manuever as I know I can recover when I blow it and flow different tricks together. Since I am usually the guy that helps new heli pilots at the field, Todd also taught me to buddy box others and have already been able to help others progress in the hobby.

If you are wondering if you should attend one of Todd's schools, ask yourself if you are progressing as you hoped to or if your real flying skills are lagging well behind your sim skills. If you can answer yes to either one, Todd will get you further along in a couple of days than you would in months or years of practice on your own. On top of that, you will have a blast! "Just do it!" LOL

Don Kinnison

Denver, CO

Don Kinnison
Denver, CO


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the excellent training I received from you recently.  I found your teaching style easy to follow, and could feel my skills improving with each flying session.  I started with the attitude that if all I got out of it was a little confidence to try things on my own it would be worth it, since I was pretty much an "advanced hover and fast forward flight" capable student when we began.  To think that by the end of our sessions you had me doing circuits, flips, rolls, loops, inverted nose in hovers, and even tic-tocs!  All I can say is WOW!  I came home fired up, pumped up and couldn't wait to hit the field.

Back home, during my first flight on my own I was shaking like a California earthquake, but after my first few flips I knew your training gave me the confidence I needed to advance further on my own, at least until I see you for a "tune up" in a few months.  Thanks again Todd for all you do for those of us who want to learn, learn the right way, and advance without having to invest thousands of dollars in new kits and repairs due to trial and error mishaps.  You are the BEST!


Jay Fiske
Woodinville, WA
Hi Todd,

I have now sadly returned to the UK and the pissy horrible weather that we enjoy over here :o( Anyway Here are my thoughts about my time with you and Freestyle, use them as you with.

I have been flying for 30 years and helis for the last 7 or 8, I am 51 years old (young) I have been looking at the idea of attending a heli school for the past few years, my progression has become somewhat static, I could loop roll stall turn hover inverted and auto, but I have struggled to progress further. When we organized a family holiday to the US I realised that I was going to be fairly close to the Moorpark site of Todd's Freestyle 3D school, too good an opportunity to miss, and how right I was!

A few exchanged emails between Todd and myself I settled on 3 sessions over a few days with him at Moorpark.

Armed with a Satnav I turned up at Todds place in Moorpark. After a short chat we were loading helis and gear into his truck for the short drive to the 'field'. Those who have met Todd will know what a really nice guy he is, patient, personable and as a bonus he can fly helis much better than most!

Within a few flights Todd had me flying maneuvers that I could only have dreamed of, Piro Flips, funnels, aerobatic auto's, pin wheels, 4 point flips, 4 point rolls, half and halves, inverted flight, death spirals, backward loops, backward rolls, tic tocks in all orientations, and more importantly how to recover when things go wrong, as they inevitably do!

Even when I screwed up (frequently), we just did it again, no drama.

I think the test of a good school is not so much what you do at the school but what you take away from it. I left this review for a few weeks and I have had several 'normal' flying days back in the UK, and I am very pleased to say that I have brought most of the things that I learnt back home. OK it will take plenty of practice until I can perform to complete satisfaction, but I KNOW that I can do it.

Todd, I cannot thank you enough for your time and patience, I hope to be back at some time in the future and show you how much I have learnt, but in the meantime I am proud to tell people ' Todd taught me that'

I would without hesitation recommend Freestyle 3D to any budding 3D pilot young or old.

Thanks again Todd,

Nick Hill
Berwick-upon-Tweed UK